Translating for the Hispanic Market in the US

by Olimpia Hernandez

This information is for the Spanish translators and interpreters that translate for the Hispanic market in the US.

During the ATA conference I attended a session in Spanish titled La Traducción para el hispanohablante de EE.UU. During this session I became aware that there is an association that is the authority of the Spanish Language in the US, just like the Real academia de la lengua española is in Spain.  This institution is:


Their Website is:

The Spanish speaking community in the US is comprised of people from pretty much every Spanish speaking country and thus, the dialectal differences for each country are incorporated into the Spanish spoken in the US. Every Spanish translator and interpreter has experienced the difficulty of translating into Spanish when the translation is being made for a Mexican versus a Puerto Rican, versus someone from the Dominican Republic. Just about every Spanish culture is found in the US with different groups being predominant in different areas.

The ANLE is the only organization recognized by the US government as the authority of the Spanish spoken in the US and it is used for all the US government publications in Spanish.

I recommend that everyone check the website because it is full of resources to help address the type of questions that arise when translating or interpreting into Spanish. The resources cover most mayor fields such as health care, information systems, legal, etc.


The ANLE recommends the following dictionary for US Spanish: Diccionario panispanico de dudas that can be purchased in hard copy or accessed through the following link:

Check the ANLE website for additional dictionaries and reference material.

Spanish Guides:

There is a Spanish Guide: Spanish Language Style Guide and Glossaries for U.S. Government Web Sites. The link to this guide is:

The following website also gives a list of recommended dictionaries and resources for translating into Spanish in the US:

I hope this information is helpful.

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