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Put your adjectives in the right place!

by James Kirchner

People who are just starting out in translation often have problems breaking free of the exact words and syntax used in the original text they are working on. It takes attention and practice to learn to translate from image to image, idea to idea, or intended effect to intended effect.

And translating the words as you see them can cause some rather unintended meanings. Continue reading


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Translating for the Hispanic Market in the US

by Olimpia Hernandez

This information is for the Spanish translators and interpreters that translate for the Hispanic market in the US.

During the ATA conference I attended a session in Spanish titled La Traducción para el hispanohablante de EE.UU. During this session I became aware that there is an association that is the authority of the Spanish Language in the US, just like the Real academia de la lengua española is in Spain.  Continue reading

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By Olimpia Hernandez

During the 50th ATA conference, members of the ATA marketing team presented their marketing materials for ATA members including the PowerPoint presentation Putting the POWER of Language to work for your business. This ATA marketing kit was created by Dorothee Racette, Lillian Clementi, and Christine Durban.

During their presentation Lillian and Christine emphasized that in these difficult times it is very important to market our service in the most effective way.  Continue reading

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